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    ICGGL Fertilizers

    This is a major arm of the Intercontinental Group focused on supplying fertilizers to major distributors, retailers and farmers across all regions in Ghana.

    We are actively involved in the Government Flagship program, Planting for Food and Jobs and have distributed over 8000 MT of fertilizers since its inception. Our products include:

    To grow beneficial and productive crops, ICGGL has a variety of compound fertilizers in the form of NPK, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium for farmers. In addition to these major elements which provide the main source of nutrients to crops when it is added to the soil, other minor or trace elements have been added to this formulation of NPK to boost its performance on crop yield. These trace elements which give crops additional nutrition are Sulphur(S), Magnesium Oxide (MgO), Zinc (Zn) and Boron(B).

    High quality fertilizer in a complex formulation is provided in the market by ICGGL for farmers. Different formulations such as 11-22-21+5S+0.7Zn+0.5B, 23-10-05+2MgO+3S+0.3Zn etc are available at Intercontinental Group Gh Ltd for a wide range of crops Other Formulations include;

    NPK 15-15-15 NPK 21-11-22 NPK 20-10-10 NPK 23-10-5 NPK 15-20-20

    Nitrogen is considered the most important primary nutrient for both plants and animals as it is the main source of protein, and protein makes up much of the Tissues of living organisms. Urea contains 46% of Nitrogen element and is therefore considered the most important source of plant nitrogen usually added in the soil to balance the nitrogen requirement of crops.

    It is also sometimes added to animal feed to provide balance for nitrogen requirements. ICGGL provides standard Urea for Ghanaian farmers.


    ICGGL Commodity Trade

    Soybean production has become a commercial crop production in the Guinea Savanna and Sudan Savannah Agro-Ecological Zones, meanwhile current production is done mostly by small scale farmers.

    IGGL offers assistance to small scale farming and outgrower schemes to enhance soybean production in the rural areas. The company is engaged in contract farming with farmers especially women and youth; and medium scale farmers with mechanization services-ploughing and threshing services and assist them with quality and high yielding seeds.

    After the harvest they pay back the ploughing, threshing and the seed cost to the company then buys all the remaining produce from the harvest at an agreed price.

    Sheanut scientifically called Vitellaria paradoxa, is commonly referred to as shea tree. The tree is the only species in the genus Vitellaria. It is a traditional African food plant with a potential of boosting food supply in the lean season with its fruits, improving rural development and nutrition.

    The shea tree bears fruits which mature between 4-6months. A shea tree has the potential of producing 20-30kg of fresh fruits which is equivalent to 10-12kg of dry seeds.

    Sheanut trees grow naturally in the wild in the dry savannah zone of West and South Africa. The fruits ripe and fall from the tree. The nuts are then picked or gathered from the wild mostly by women. Sheabutter or oil is extracted from the sheanuts.

    IGGL has positioned itself as a major buyer of sheanuts from the West African Region for processing locally into shea butter and for export. The company purchases directly from the rural areas of the production regions of Ghana and neighboring West African countries and from local aggregators as a major buyer.


    ICGGL Seeds

    ICGGL distributes seeds of cereals, Legumes and vegetables.

    ICGGL also promotes the production and distribution of locally developed hybrid maize as certified seeds suitable for Ghana’s Agro-Ecological Zones. Some of the varieties are:

    Kpari Faako a white kernel, Top-crossed high yielding hybrid. It has a maturity period of 110 days with a potential yield of 6-7t/ha. Recommended spacing is 25cm x 70cm at 1plant/stand Opeaburo hybrid maize is a white kernel Top cross distributed by ICGGL. Maturity period is 110 days with a yield potential of 6t/ha CSIR-Wang-Basig a white kernel Top cross hybrid, with drought and striga tolerant traits. A maturity period of 85 days and a potential yield of 5.5t/ha

    1. Soybeans
    Jenguma(TGX 1448-2E)- Jenguma is a high yield soybeans variety, the pods have the ability to stay longer after maturity in the field without shattering. It matures within 110 days after germination.

    Afayak - A soybean variety with the ability to resist shattering and also has the potential to control striga levels in the soil. Maturity period is 110-115 days after planting

    2. Vegetables
    Cabbage: a cool-weather leafy vegetable
    Consumer’s preference:
    1. OXYLUS- Excellent performing and high yielding hybrid cabbage variety preferred by farmers, consumers and traders because of its attributes such as early Fresh and deep green lusters, big heads of about 1.5kg or more and with little or no pest and diseases attack.

    A number of cabbage varieties are available in IGGL and are being promoted in the market for cabbage farmers precocity, big and firm heads, resistant to black rot disease and head cracking. Oxylus is more water loving and has a long shelf life. It has round shaped heads, sweet and soft lusters. Heads weigh up to 6-7kg.

    II. Karibo F1 – Early maturity variety, Blue-Green colour, Each head weighing 4-6kgs. Karibo matures in 70 days after germination. Seed rate/acre is 100g with spacing in the field recommended at 60cm x 45cm

    Okro or Okra
    Clemson spineless is the variety of okro the market prefers most. It is dark green in colour with angular pods. Seed rate is 2.5kg/acre. The maturity date is 60 days and can be harvested up to 150 days. Ripe for harvest when immature and snap. Harvest every 3 days when harvesting starts

    Pepper - Cayenne Hot Pepper Seed rate is 300g/acre with a spacing of 40cm x 60cm in the field. The fruits have a long, tapering shape and curved tip. The fruit is red when ripped. It is spicy but not so intense. Ready to harvest at 75 days after transplanting. High yielding and good for commercial production of chilli pepper. Pepper can be processed into dry powdery form.


    ICGGL Construction

    Intercontinental Group Ghana Limited (IGGL) has Tingna Company Limited (TINGNA) as its subsidiary in charge of Road Constructions.

    We offer a full range of pre-construction and construction services. The project team has maintained a well-grounded foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationships with clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers.

    Projects: In 2012, we constructed a 5-kilometer highway road at Kwassa in the then Volta Region. Also, the 5-kilometer Tamale town road was constructed in 2017. Currently, we are constructing a 14-kilometer Tona to Sona road in the Savanna Region.